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Occupational therapy


Marie Merches

Marie Merches is an occupational therapist, specialised in treating children and young people who suffer from varied delayed developments and impairments in motor and cognitive skills.

Her specialties include:


  • Sensory integration therapy (certified in SI advanced training course/Sensory Integration German Association e.V.)

  • Treatment of difficulties with gross motor skills, coordination and fine motor skills etc.

  • Marburger Concentration training for pre-school toddlers, children and young people

  • Attention and concentration cognitive training (Lauth&Schlottke)

  • Finde and gross motor skills (Kisch/Pauli) 

  • Visual perception training (Marianne Frostig, Adlerauge-Anyel. ect.)

  • Diagnosis and promotion of auditory perception with help from AUDIOLOGS

  • Advice and guidance for parents

  •  If nessessary: consultation in kindergarten/schools

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